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Shampoo Tea Tree 30ml


Toupee Tape Red Backed x 6


Toupee Tape Red Backed x 10


Shampoo Tea Tree


Conditioner Hair Replacement


Wig and Toupee Glue Trial


Colour Ring


Toupee Tape Red Backed x2


Toupee Tape White Backed


Wig and Toupee Glue


Wig Head stocking x2


Wig saver x2


Shampoo Hair Replacement


Toupee Tape VIP


Coffee and Chemo Book


Pu Tape Patch


JR Comb


Velvet Antistatic Bag


Holding and Fix Spray


Argon Oil Conditioner 30ml


JR Care Kit


JR Conditioner Spray


JR Shampoo