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Thank you so much for a beautiful wig, well worth the price paid for it, friendly service from directwigs (Ellen Wille Award Hair)

Thank you so very much for the refund, I was a bit dubious if I would ever see a refund, as I have had a very bad experience of ordering wigs on line, from another company and not even getting anything what resembled what I ordered and sadly waved good bye to a refund, so thank you so very much for restoring my faith in ordering from directwigs (Ellen Wille Perucci Stay Lace)
Jeans, UK

Received today, brilliant fast service, thanks very much (Ellen Wille Limit)
Digney, UK

Fabulous wig! Love it. Looks very prette on and it is a perfect fit as it is extremely difficult to acquire a wig that "fits" for Alopecia sufferers. I'm very pleased with this product. As a woman with alopecia I wear a wig on day to day basis and this particular wig lasted for over 7 months! Including going through my gym sessions and constant washing and hairdrying. Thank you Direct Wigs. (Petite Dax Echo Mono)
Dana Joyce, Galway, Ireland

Well impressed by the quick delivery, Love it especially the way the scalp shows through the base (Ellen Wille Alba Comfort)
Tuke, UK

This wig arrived in a lovely box, packaged really well, along with a free gift of a wig cap, which was a nice gesture. This wig is so fab, I have lost my hair through Chemotherapy, and this is exactly how my hair used to be, its the perfect colour for me, Dark Chocolate Mix, is really comfortable so you can wear it all day and I am a lot more confident now going out and socialising with this wig on. It is really natural and sits flat on top of the head, the fringe is quite long, but you can alw (Ellen Wille Cher Futura)
Samantha Evans, Swansea

It arrived at 7.45, its now 8.41 and I am wearing it !, its FABULOUS, I have had other pieces and they have been bulky, this is ready to wear, low density, comfortable and unbelievably natural looking (Ellen Wille Ideal Hair)

Thank you for your prompt and efficient service. (Ellen Wille Ideal Hair)
Gillman, UK

I love it !, thank you (Ellen Wille Ideal Hair)
Moat, UK

Just want to say a big thank you, and I am going to tell all the girls at chemo (Noriko Eva wig)
A N, Spain

Wigs have arrived they are GREAT, many thanks (Rene of Paris Bailey)
Kirk, UK

I see that my refund has already been actioned, you have totally been the very best company to deal with. (Rene of Paris Bailey)
Wilkinson, UK

very happy with wig quality,great assistance from staff (Ellen Wille City)

I received the wig today - excellent service as always (Trendco Emerald)
S Carter,

Love this wig this is my second 1 in the petite range .great site (Trendco Emerald)
Ruby , Dundee uk

Quite frankly I am shocked and amazed and pleased, I ordered an Elle Wile Topper, I had purchased at a local hairdressers, they charged me £385 and said I couldnt claim the vat back because it came from Germany ! I ordered exactly the same topper from DirectWigs, Cost £200, vat free, as I have alopecia, and such fast delivery, (Amore Luxe TP Topper)
Joan, UK

Very happy with the wig, thank you for your helpful efficient, and professional handling as usual (Noriko Lexy wig)
L D, Cyprus

Arrived yesterday around 9:30am. Brilliant service!! (Trendco Amber mono)
Webb, UK

A great look; I love it. (Raquel Welch Classic Cut)
Eleanor, Salisbury

I am very impressed with the speed and efficiency of your service (Ellen Wille Cat wig)
Harrison, UK

I thought that this was brilliant!!! Even though this is only intended for Ellen Willie wigs, this has given me the confidence to order wigs made by other companies. (Direct Wigs Colour Ring)
Julia Wolff, Perth

It is perfect, thank you for being quick, pleasure of recommending you (Gisela Mayer Bob II Mono)
Richard, France

Arrived today and its great, had a feeling it would work for me (Jon Renau USA Victoria Smartlace)
Rolfe, UK

Just received today !, Very satisfied customer, Will be back... (Noriko Seville)
S Fitzgerald, UK

Thank you, My wigs are great, always can expect quality when I buy from you, Came very quickly too (Noriko Seville)
Moat, UK

Thank you for your fantastic service (Noriko Seville)
A Jones, UK

This wig is fantastic !, thank you so much, I believe in the quality of these wigs and would recommend them to anyone and everyone ! (Raquel Welch Aspen Mono)
S Montford, UK

Excellent natural and gives confidence (Petite GM Zara Mono Lace Delux)
Smith, UK

Thanks it's exactly what I wanted. I have ordered off other wig websites in the past but will be using your company in future. Excellent, speedy service and nicely packed etc. (Ellen Wille Marusha Mono)
louise, UK

1 (NJ Creation Paris Idem Delux European Hair)
1, 1

May I thank you for all your help, assistance and kindness my daughter and I have been shown during this stressful time (Noriko Jackson wig)
A Young, Birkenhead

My thanks to your team for your patience in achieving a satisfied customer, I am very grateful especially as delivery has been in time for christmas, many thanks again (Noriko Jackson wig)
Stickland, Essex

Delivery was excellent, well packed, very pleased with the whole experience, and would not hesitate to recommend you (Ellen Wille Nancy)

Order at the begining of the week and arrived today, to say i'm delighted with it would be a vast understatement, i'm so impressed (Ellen Wille Wine)
J B, Edinburgh

Wow at last a trustworthy wig supplier with a good selection of petite wigs in good colours and fast delivery, I will be back (Ellen Wille Wine)
, UK

Thank you Directwigs, its lovely and at last something I am happy with (Ellen Wille Lace Top)
Braisby, UK

This wig is absolutely lovely. Very natural looking. (Ellen Wille Lace Top)
Isabella , Birmingham

thanks very much for replacing the wig as you did and sending the correct one so quickly. Rest assured, I will continue to order future replacements from you (Ellen Wille George 5 Star)
Mallett, New Zealand

great great wig, comfortable and lovely hair, would highly recommend, great service from Direct Wigs arrived very quickly and staff were very heelpful and friendly (Jon Renau USA Rachel Smartlace)
tracey , blandford

I love this wig is very natural. It adapts well to my face and style. The curls are maintained and give a youthful touch (Jon Renau USA Rachel Smartlace)
silvia lado, A Corua, Espaa

Many thanks, received the wigs today which is very fast delivery as I needed them by the end of the week, I appreciate the good service (Ellen Wille Click)
Hanna, UK

A big thank you, it arrived today, and I LOVE IT, it is perfect and fits really well, starting chemo on Thursday, so I feel a lot happier now (Ellen Wille Click)
Watts, UK

As per my previous hairpiece the texture, colour and overall quality is excellent (Gents Toupees 007 Stock Human Hair)
Burch, UK

1 (Trendco Crystal)
1, 1

I am so impressed with your company, will definitely be dealing with you for all my future wigs (Raquel Welch Trend Setter)
Doughty, UK

A million thanks for your refund note below, I would recommend your friendly and hassle free service to anyone (Amore Connie wig)
A V, Hants

OMG this Raquel Welch wig has changed my life! Literally, the Rolls Royce of wigs!! (Raquel Welch Upstage)
V Torres, Italy

so many complements ...ilove it (Gisela Mayer Festival Mono)
jean porter, leigh on sea essex

Came today, thank you, can count on you for good quality (Stimulate Festa)
Stanford, UK

Just received my replacement wig - Great service, I am very impressed and will certainly come to you again (Stimulate Festa)
PB, Cheshire

Lovely wig, colour much more blonde highlights than I expected. I thought the quality was excellent. Very pleased. (Stimulate Festa)
Mrs S Fox, Somerset

After almost 20 years of looking for the ideal style, colour and base I have found my dream wig, in the past my hairdresser has had to work hard restyling, but not with this wig, it ticks all the boxes (Gisela Mayer Pauline Mono Lace Hair)
Hess, UK

As a newcomer to wearing a wig I was a bit nervous. However, really pleased with my purchase. (Petite Dax April)
Diane Adams, Worcester

When I ordered this wig i thought it was pricey compared to another company whoich appear to be selling the same wig. I was assured by Diectwigs that their wigs were authentic. Im so happy with the wig im placing another order. Its lightweight and does not have any chemical odours.Highly recommended. Worth every penny . (Raquel Welch Salsa)
Patricia Mills, Hong Kong

I ordered this before from another company, and would not use them again, so was delighted to find it on your site and receive 100% service from your team, and would like to say how good you are (Raquel Welch Salsa)

You have been most helpful and my wife is very pleased with her wig, thank you (Raquel Welch Salsa)
No name, UK

I love my wig & totally trust directwigs.com. They are lovely people who give excellent advise. Thanks to the Ellen Willie colour ring, I got the perfect colour for me. (Ellen Wille Cat wig)
Julia, Perth

Got this in the Vanilla Butter, lovely wig - got so many compliments and good service, Thanks x (Ellen Wille Cat wig)
Maria C, Rutherglen

thats quick, Great, always a pleasure to shopping with you (Trendco Diamond)
Schleifer, Germany

May I say a big thank you to you for the quick delivery, it arrived yesterday and I am very pleased (Raquel Welch Winner)

Thank you for your prompt response, I have used your service for years and am very happy with the efficient way with which your service is operated, thanks again (Ellen Wille Marusha Mono)
D O'B, Dublin

This will be fifth wig in this colour very satisfied (Larger Size GM Carol Mono Lace Large)
brown, bideford

Thank you so very much for sending the lovely wigs so quickly. They arrived just now, and are super. Many thanks for such a wonderful service (Raquel Welch Voltage)
D Collins, UK

Thank you guys soooo much, you've excellent customer care (Ellen Wille Cher Futura)
D Moz', Ireland

A million thanks for your refund note below, I would recommend your friendly and hassle free service to anyone (Ellen Wille Cher Futura)
A V, Hants

Thank you so much for the prompt delivery, yet again, Your service is fantastic, we would recommend you enthusiastically ! (Trendco Diamond)
LD, Manchester

Id never used Directwigs before but was really impressed by the service. The Visconti Super Cut wig is gorgeous. I have a small head and delicate features so wigs are often too large and have far too much hair for my face, but this is perfect. It also fits like a glove. I liked this wig so much I ordered another 2 as I wear wigs all day every day so they only last about 4 months. The price was excellent and I can recommend Directwigs. (Visconti Super Cut)
JAK, Carlisle

I'm very grateful for the discount you allowed me, its very kind, I will certainly come back to you for your promptness and proficiency of your service (Gents Toupees 009 Cut Down Hair)
Gandhi, Italy

Received my wig today, VERY pleased with it. (Raquel Welch Winner)
J S, Devon

Yes, I have received it and worn it so satisfied with it. Many thanks (Larger Size GM Carol Mono Lace Large)
Brown, UK

Superb service and delighted with the wig (Amore Erin wig)
Angela Hayward, Devon

This wig looks good on camera, but in person looks like a helmet with all of that permatease. There is no way to tame it down. The color is gorgeous and it feels soft, but I can only wear it with a hat so far. Save your money and buy a more expensive piece. (Noriko Jackson wig)
Valerie Torres, Treviso, Italy

Direct Wigs par excellence!...contacted you recently and am delighted to take the opportunity to say thank-you for stretching the boundaries in supplying the required wigs, being thoroughly professional and in addition saving us a lot of money (Ellen Wille Light Mono)
Bradley, Sussex

Thank you so much for your quick response to my refund request. It was unfortunate that neither wigs was suitable. I shall definately recommend your company to friends (Rene of Paris Evanna)
Hardie, Scotland

Love it. So trendy and the colour hot flame mix is gorgeous. Ive had a few ellen wille wigs now and theyve always been great. The staff here are also great. Theyve always been very helpful and friendly. Thank you l. (Ellen Wille Perucci Point)
Tash, Durham

Absolutely brilliant. I dyed it the same as my hair, trimmed it a little and its now undetectable. Will order another (Gisela Mayer Pony 166 Long Human Hair)
Ann Day, Tenterden

luv my new wig ....its like me all over again ..after some hair lose ..my cofidence just went ..but its back again TY ....Luv it :) (Gisela Mayer Pony 166 Long Human Hair)
Ruby, Dundee

Received the hairpiece today, and to say that I am extremely happy with it (Gents Toupees 007 Stock Human Hair)
Hilton, Oldham

Thank you for your excellent service (Jon Renau USA Elizabeth Heat Fibre)
Greig, Scotland

I returned a wig to you and have received my refund, I cant believe how helpful your company are and how fast my refund was sent to me, I have dealt with a different company, but they have never been as friendly as you, its important to get the right wig and be able to return some. (Trendco Supplex)
Lynda, UK

Thank you for your fab service, I posted my wigs yesterday and received a refund today, you make it so easy, thank you again (Raquel Welch Crushing On Casual)
Dana, UK

Have this in Paprika Root & She is Lovely. Very Comfy in comparison to many other wigs I have. Will need a bit of Styling but that is not a problem. Slightly wiry at Crown but , again can sort this with some Spray. I am so Glad to have found this Site. Customer service is second to non and returns are simple. Will Recommend X (Raquel Welch Crushing On Casual)
Jodi, Kent UK

Thank you for completing my order so quickly, I will be back soon ! (Ellen Wille Tempo 100 Delux)
webster, UK

love this wig, have worn for years (Noriko Millie wig)
Chris Leek, Kings Langley

I have received the wig and its perfect ! (Gisela Mayer Jenny)
Sam, Uk

Thank you for your prompt dispatch and quality of service. (Natural Image Beverley)

hi my wig arrived today and im delighted with it, and have ordered another one (Natural Image Beverley)
Mearns, Glasgow

Really love this wig. Purchased from this site in champagne mix. Many many compliments. Had the bangs trimmed to blend in as I'm 50+ years. Find it is very real looking and so comfortable. Light weight and the price has come down subsanVery durable; It has some short hairs that stand up along the part (Ellen Wille Disc)
Karen Mitra, Edmonton Alberta

Received my wig today and its amazing, just wanted to say thank you for the fantastic service, will be back again ! (Ellen Wille Disc)
Walesby, UK

Wow! What brilliant customer service, You are definitely the very best company ever (Ellen Wille Disc)
Geraghty, UK

My wig came this morning and I love it, I will order another one next week (Ellen Wille Disc)
Grove, UK

Am very pleased with the wig, I would certainly order from you again and would recommend your company to others (Ellen Wille Date wig)
Poole, Uk

Thank you for your amazing service, attention and consideration, I will be recommending you (Ellen Wille Date wig)
Ayres, Dorset

Your customer service is amazing, you obviously are a professional and caring company. (Ellen Wille Date wig)
Bennett, UK

Thank you for your excellent, friendly service, I particularly appreciated the way you kept me in touch with what was happening (Ellen Wille Date wig)

Gorgeous. And for once a wig that looks exactly like the picture. Usually I have to have wigs cut to look like the style in the picture but this is as it looks. It really is the nicest I've had. I ordered in the hot aubergine and the colour is just beautiful. So much so I've ordered a couple more. (Ellen Wille Date wig)
Tash, UK

Thank you once again for your excellent service, I'm so pleased I have found your company, I feel very well looked after, all the staff are so friendly and helpful (Ellen Wille Date wig)
A Whitehead, UK

Thank you once again for your great service, it makes things so much easier (Jon Renau USA Felicity Smartlace)
Greig, UK

I love this style. Its So natural and hot flame mix is just gorgeous. Can I just say this company is amazing. Ive been ordering from them for a long time now and nobody compares. Their customer service has always been amazing. I sometimes like to change my style and colour so if I order something and dont like it, I return it and they refund me straight away or exchange for something else. They are just brilliant. All the staff are friendly and so helpful. Thank you (Ellen Wille Perucci Point)

Thank you for your excellent delivery and perfect timing, and also free gifts (Trendco Diamond)
Core, Manchester

I am ever so impressed with the speed of your refund !!!, thank you (Ellen Wille Click)
Wolf, UK

Love this wig. Got the Hot Aubergine mix. Loved the look of it right from the start. Was worried about the colour at first, as I am 60 years old. But it has taken 10 years off me. And your service was great .Thank you I will be back I am sure. (Ellen Wille Click)
Pauline, Nelson Lancashire

Absolutely beautiful wig at the best price by far on the internet, gorgeous quality hair and a very realistic part and hairline. The service was fantastic and the girls I dealt with were lovely. I got the wrong colour initially and had a replacement 3 days later!! Thank you so much! (Trendco Diamond)
Kirsten, Glasgow

Love there petite range I have bought another since I bought this 1 also another on its way .great site (Trendco Diamond)
Ruby, Dundee uk

My new wig has arrived in time for the party and I am delighted, thanks so much for your help and you now have a regular customer, instead of mourning my hair loss I'm embracing it...also I have been through the mill with fake chinese website so this experience was a relief (Ellen Wille Perucci Point)
J M, London

I get a fantastic service and product from you, you have helped me transform an upsetting and debilitating condition into something totally manageable, thanks (Trendco Emerald)
Lowe, Wilts

Received my topper and I am thrilled with it, I will definitely be recommending you on the hair loss forums I am a member of. (Jon Renau Topper Top Style 18)
Chadwick, UK

great great wig, comfortable and lovely hair, would highly recommend, great service from Direct Wigs arrived very quickly and staff were very heelpful and friendly (Jon Renau USA Rachel Smartlace)
tracey , blandford

Thanks for the Cinema wigs which are perfect again, like the first ones I had. I am delighted. (Jon Renau USA Rachel Smartlace)

Thank you for your prompt and efficient service, much appreciated (Raquel Welch Trend Setter)

Thanks for getting the wig to me to quickly, much appreciated !! (Raquel Welch Indiana Mono ew)
Lloyd, Cyprus

Excellent and very helpful service. You've achieved the impossible to match my husband's hair colour. The wig is really gorgeous and can hardly be noticed that it is a wig. It is very natural and very comfortable. I can see that you have now added my husband's hair colour (39-44) to your stock list. This is great. You put a big smile on my husband's face .. thank you (Ellen Wille Brad)
Sue, Nothumberland

Thanks so much for all your help and great customer service (Ellen Wille Date wig)
M Perry, Australia

Got my new hairdo today, absolutely love it. I cannot tell you the difference having a full head of hair makes to my life. Thank you (Ellen Wille Date wig)
Neilson, UK

Thank you very much to all the team at Directwigs, I am super-impressed with the service I have received and the hassle free ability to return wigs not right for me all the way from New Zealand (Ellen Wille Stop Hi Tech)
NB, New Zealand

You have been so helpful...an excellent service and I am so pleased with the quality of the products (Gents Toupees 007 Stock Human Hair)
Burch, UK

Thank you for sending my order so promptly - it arrived yesterday much to my surprise as I had been told it may take up to a month (Larger Size GM Carol Mono Lace Large)
Brown, UK

Please note that this wig does not arrive curly. It must have been styled for the photo. Lovely fit & good quality, but sadly not what I wanted. (Gisela Mayer Fabulos Lace)
Isabella, Birmingham

Really love this wig. Purchased from this site in champagne mix. Many many compliments. Had the bangs trimmed to blend in as I'm 50+ years. Find it is very natural and so comfortable. Light weight and the price has come down substantially since my first order. Has some short hairs that tend to stand up along the part that I just clipped off. Would definitely order again, especially from Directwigs.com. I cannot get these wigs at this price in Canada! Love the new WEBSITE!!! (Ellen Wille Disc)
Karen Mitra, Edmonton Alberta

The models are exactly what I hoped for and I am totally satisfied, thank you so much, you've been a great help, once again a big THANK YOU (Ellen Wille Disc)
M A, Switzerland

I received the wig on Tuesday. Thank you for your prompt service. Delighted to do business with you again. (Ellen Wille Citta Mono)
O'Neill, UK

fantastic natural style (Ellen Wille Citta Mono)
diane, lincs

Great service,beautiful wig with amazing curls (Ellen Wille Jamila Plus)
Cathy Mountain, York

Thank you very much for being so helpful and going the extra mile for me, its really appreciated, believe me (Ellen Wille Jamila Plus)
J W, Gosport

I bought this wig after chemo, Its beautiful !, fits perfectly, I have had so many compliments, I cannot tell you how much this means to me - having treatment for cancer destroys all confidence, you have made me feel normal again, thank you (Ellen Wille Jamila Plus)

needed thinned out at sides and fringe trimmed but sits perfectly now. moccochino was my choice in colour. (Ellen Wille Jamila Plus)
Issy McIntosh, dundee

Just received my wig that I ordered this week, May I thank you very much for sending it so promptly (Natural Image Believe)
S Pearce,

Im absolutely delighted at the service from you guys at Direct Wigs (Noriko Shilo wig)
K Graham, Scotland

May I say a big thank you to you for the quick delivery, it arrived yesterday and I am very pleased (Raquel Welch Winner)

i like this wig very natural (Raquel Welch Winner)
Fatoumata Camara, washington tyne and wear