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Trendco Supplex - £58.50 per month

Brand:  Trendco Wigs
Length:  10" (25cm)
Made From:  Eurotex Real Hair
Construction:  100% Hand-Tied Monofilament Lace Front

The Standard Supplex REAL HAIR WIG is made using the finest quality 10" Eurotex hair, which is washable and can be blow styled or set using heated rollers.This is Trendco's latest advance - the Supplex available in petite and regular head sizes. Designed to be worn by those women with complete hair loss who require a full head of hair within days. The Supplex wig is another world-wide first for Trendco.
The Supplex is dedicated to provide the most natural looking head of hair possible. Its lightweight construction and fine density of hair 
We can give VAT RELIEF off this price for Alopecia, Cancer or other medical sufferers - you are eligible to claim VAT once your purchase has been finalised and you are sure you are keeping the wig. 

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Fringe: 25.0cm. Crown: 25.0cm. Nape: 25.0cm. Weight: 175g

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A very thin natural Poly base that grips the head, with a mesh area to allow the scalp to breath

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