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This system designed to just thicken your own hair, it is ideal for thinning hair when there is no need to wear a wig.

It is an open fine honey comb mesh, that your hair can be pulled through, as shown, or the closed mesh just covers your own hair, so no need to pull your own hair through the base, so 2 systems for which ever is the best for you.

Hair Intergration is available in ready made form, to a set range of colours, lengths and styles, or custom made to your own requirements.

The base is attached to your hair by postiche combs, being small clips under the base that lock onto your own hair.

The average life of a system if worn every day is around 9 - 15 months, depending on your life style and how long each day you wear it for or if you sleep in it.

In the case of parting or crown areas, where a much finer mesh is required, a lace or fine monofilament mesh can be used.

Click Here to see how easy it is to use Hair Intragration.

Custom Made Delivery is 12 - 16 weeks Depending on Hair Length


As a guide a small 2" round piece with up to 6" long hair  and up to dark blonde would cost £550.00
A piece 4" by 5" with up to 6" long hair would cost £650.00
A piece 4" by 5" with up to 12" long hair would cost £950.00

Price Includes Consultation and Fitting if required.

Ready Made

Available in 5-7 days, and can be returned to stock, so easy to try and no commitment to buy it.

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